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Jim Lugo: Guestbook


July 22, 2015

We saw you at Valley Ho last Sunday. I thought you were very good rippin' through the standards, great arrangements by the way. But it turns out you've got a social conscience as well. I still want to change the world too. Maybe we'll see you again sometime.
Thanks for the brunch serenade,
Bill & Denise

Peattie in Mississipi

April 3, 2015

Accept me on Facebook or the next pizza's gonna get ordered... or maybe a tow truck. And quit scaring my elderly sister. DP

Linda Bell

May 27, 2014

cool web site. I could not get your calendar to open. Had a great time on Friday night. You and Jimmy are really good together.

Jeff VanArsdell

September 14, 2013

Hey Jim, it was great to get to see you, both solo and w/ the band! Will be visiting the states next week, hope to get a chance to come out for your end of summer thing if possible.
KEEP ON ROCKIN! Jeff VanArsdell

Greg Walker

June 27, 2013

Hi jim ,

Cathy and I are taking a little trip your way tommorrow for a few days . We are staying ar the Scottsdale Hilton Resort . Sorry but I suck regarding staying in touch . Give me a call at 520-661-4272 . I tried to call the number you gave me, but I wasn't able to get through .

Audios amigo ,

Gregorio .


March 16, 2013

Aiden "Jim's biggest fan" is heading in for surgery on Monday morning. Tomorrow night we are heading to Fatso's pizza just as we did almost six years ago before his 2nd heart surgery. The best part of that night was meeting you and watching that brave 2 year old be mesmerized by your music. That was quite therapeutic for us all. Hope all is well with you!
Much love,
Aiden's Crew

Tony Simek

March 10, 2013

Our entire group really enjoyed the sets you played at 5th & Wine in Scottsdale this weekend. Thanks for the great music!!

Very enjoyable music, well done!

Larry and Betsy

November 12, 2012

Jim, great meeting you at Maria's. The Baile del Sol really is the best margarita in the world, isn't it?! So too your music! We're enjoying your CD. All good wishes.

Jack Pyne

November 4, 2011

Just played the CD. Great job! You're very talented

Babara Barry Bellamy

October 30, 2011

Hi Jim,

Checking in with you after 30 years. Awesome music. Congrats on your success. Barbara Barry

daniel Lambert

August 30, 2011

Lugo, when's yuor next gig?

Andrea Saab

November 18, 2010

Hi Jim - Just listened to Cycle of Life and Hard Rain - both songs are fantastic - they are very captivating and moving - the words and chords have a sense of nostalgia about them yet are a fresh and real look at life today! Really great. xoxo Andrea


August 10, 2010

Hey, nice site. At least one of us made it! I was a slow learner and had to go to school again and again and . . .

connie connolly

June 1, 2010

I wanted to touch bases and let you know how much I enjoy your sound! xoxox

Mike & Kelly Charveaux

May 8, 2010

Hey Jim, Just a little note to thank you again for the great C/D and the songs at the Fly. Very Nice!
Hope to have you down to the Man Cave in the next week or so to get together for a little music with us.
Take Care and will talk to you soon.
Mike & Kelly

Chuck Wyatt

February 11, 2010

Hey Jim,
Really nice to hear from you after all these years. Let me know if you have another Email contact address. Would love to bring you up to speed on What I have been doing and would like to hear the same from you.
Take care and be safe.

henry and carol

December 29, 2009

Thanks for the CD you gave toCarol and I at Safeway,it is very good.When Henry is back in AZ maybe we can all get to see you inaction and bring our respective spouses.Happy New Year.Carol


December 7, 2009

Enjoyed jamming with you tonight.

Sandra Gasbarri

November 6, 2009

See you tonight sg@! AZ Pizza Co. (-: Sandra

Nancy Dotson Houck

October 17, 2009

Welcome back...see you soon, I hope. Love to hear your music.

Sandra Gasbarri

October 16, 2009

Welcome back dear friend. See you soon in Glendale. Sandra

Heather Hodgson

June 21, 2009

Can't wait for the updates and good news!!! Poops needs to see some Jim Lugo:)

Don Trible

April 30, 2009

Great Cd Jim have given many copies away. Not a bad track thru out hard to find that now a days. When is the next one coming your fans are waiting.

Brian Gurango

April 4, 2009

Ever since I recived your CD during the summer of 2006 at the Beach house in Newport Beach CA, I haven't been able to take it out of my car stereo. There are times when I am feeling down, and I i need to do is go for a ride in my car and listen to your CD and know that Anything's Possible.
I'll be in Arizona in June and would love to be at one of your sets. I don't know if you remember meeting me, but I stayed downstairs from you at the beach house in Newport that summer.
Congrats on all of your success and I can't wait to catch your next show when I'm in town.

Brian Gurango

George Lepinski

November 18, 2008

Congradulations on your musical success.

You know Eddie Villaverde and his band? He's been at it for years but I'm not aware that he ever recorded anything.

Good luck with the new album.


August 18, 2008

Loved the CD. especially "that aint right" Thanks for coming last month. It was a difficult day that you made a little eaisier. Looking forward to coming to your next show. Rock on! T-bone.

Dick Olson

July 31, 2008

Hi Jim...Hope you are still down at the beach and enjoyed your round at Tustin Meadows. Bob and I enjoyed playing with you and Greg on Mesa Linda Tuesday. You now have my e-mail so just give a shout next time you are going to be in the area and we will try to do it again. best to you and your family. Dick

steven stipech

March 12, 2008

Hi jim, Steven here. We need to play together soon. Just wanted to drop a note (F#) and say hello. I also included an alternate email address for me. Talk to you later, Steven.

Pete Grusendorf

March 1, 2008

Hi Jim, I am part of the Sun City Grand that have seen you at some of your shows. My wife, Nita, and I were talking to my sister if you were doing any of you live show this year. If you have any showes set up let us know. We would love to and say hello.
Hope you are have a great year. Pete


February 15, 2008

Hey there Jim. Keep me in the loop on your performances. I might be able to check it out in a few weeks.


December 8, 2007


I follow the Phoenix Backpage ads daily because I'm a musician - keyboards - extremely well trained, lots of experience, read & write & arrange, etc. etc.
I've played in Phoenix with the Woodenickel Band, also played solo at the Orpheum Theater, at Las Vegas with former Hank Williams JR band, in Europe at various resorts, etc. etc.

You said eloquently in your Backpage response - Hell, I don't even consider myself a "real musician" - I don't read music, I don't know the first thing about music theory, and I don't know my instrument like "real musicians". I can play guitar a little and I can sing a little.

But remember Jim - except for George Harrison - the other Beatles couldn't read music nor knew the first thing about music theory NOR could they play their guitars. Need I say more about The Beatles???? PLEASE don't appologize for what you don't know because the rest of us just wished we had the linep of gigs and venues you have.

God Bless America. I'm also a vet and I give thanks that I came back in one piece to continue playing my keyboards.


Sandy the San Man


December 7, 2007

Hey Jim,
It was backpage, not craigslist...oops. Have a great Holiday Season. Yvette


December 7, 2007

Hi Jim,
I just read your response/ad on craigslist and couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for tellin' it like it is and having the integrity to spell it out for those smaller minded. I have been singing onstage for about 30+ years, and would love to have a chance to hear you. Look forward to meeting you. Yvette

Dale H

December 7, 2007

LOVED yer ad in New Times! LOL
If ya ever need a seasoned (old) bassist for live or tracks, call me! Age is the price of experience!
Dale da Bassman (602) 320-0735

Evie Bardwell

October 3, 2007

Hey Jim, sounds great. Actually just looked at Classmates and saw your message from mid 2006.
I'm in North Dakota now and love it, love it, love it.
Sounds like your doing fine, take care. Evie

David Toms

August 9, 2007

Looking real nice Uncle Jimmy. Hope all is well. I love the song I don't like sad songs...

Keep up the good work.


Maria McCurdy

August 1, 2007

Hi Jim,
I went to a David Gates concert and had the pleasure of seeing you. Less than a year later I remembered your face at Hammerheads and got a chance to enjoy your voice again. It was nice meeting you in person; you’re a really warm guy. Can't wait to see you again in the future.

Paula Goodson

July 29, 2007

Hey you!!! I was looking for barbecue for my dad's birthday at Dillon's restaurant and the search engine listed your name in the next block! Looks like you're doing really well. That's great. You still look cute. How is the other Jim? Tell him I said hi too. Are you still working with him in the office next to the Ombudsman. I LOVE Texas. You ought to come to Austin! Live music capital of the world ya know. Here's a hug and a big best wishes! Love, Paula

Mark & Candy

July 7, 2007

Jim, we always enjoy seeing you and listening to your music at the VU!

Rich Bryant

May 12, 2007

I just bought Jim's CD and it is absolutely awesome!!

If you are looking for something new to listen to that has a great sound and a cool beat then this is a CD you will want to own.

Jim has an excellent voice and he plays guitar like you are right there hearing him live.

Great music and glad I bought the album!!

Rich from Philadelphia.

Lucy O'Connell

May 7, 2007

Hi Jim. See you're still busy! I am enjoying your music! Have a great month and hope to see you soon. Lucy know...your sister

April 3, 2007

Just thought I'd drop you a surprise note...great website. I like how you have it laid out. Oh yeah, I like your music too!



March 30, 2007


My name is Tristan and I would like to thank you for the CD you gave me the other day. I really enjoyed the 3 songs you recommended (I Still Want to Change the World, Dead at Fifteen, I Can’t Understand It), the lyrical content was perfect. The guitar riffs are fairly simple yet very pleasing. I enjoy the overall sound for it is nice to hear some true rock. I am listening to the rest of the CD now and so far I have to say, I really enjoy it. Again, thanks for the CD and I can’t wait to hear the new songs your working on.


Jeff Dayton

November 9, 2006

Hey Jim,
Great to find you here! Looks like you have done a whole lot since we last saw each other (in the late 80s?). When you play the VU, please say hi to Fountain Hills for me. I remember you coming to my grandmother's house way back when so you know how deep my roots run there. Have a great show and a great fall season.

Sandra Gasbarri

October 28, 2006

Hi Jim,

Being placed on the Nat'l Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Official Ballot for the 2007 Grammy Awards is no SMALL feat. I have spread the word to friends and family.

Look forward to seeing you at the Shriner's, benefit,We Ride So Kids Can Walk" event on Nov. 4th.



October 25, 2006

Congratulations Jim!!!! We knew we stumbled upon someone special in you.

Heather (Poop's Crew)

Barb Allred

February 12, 2006

Heard you for the first time tonight at the David Gates concert - Love your music!

Kathleen & Charlene

September 8, 2005

saw you tonight at Rula Bula and you gave us a CD. Just listned to it and it's just delightful. Beautiful voice and great job on the CD. Thank you so very much!!

Chuck Kimmel

May 8, 2005

Jim just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your new album. I can't wait for the debut because I think a lot of other folks are going to have the same reaction I did. Let's hope it goes aluminum.

Georgia Limones

April 25, 2005

I bought 5 CD's to share with my friends. We will have to come and see you perform sometime :)


April 17, 2005

Hi Jim, I just want to say thanks for the letter of appreciation and the gift. Both will always be displayed at D R S Audio Works studio in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a fun and learning experience working with You, Sandy McVety, Mike Fix and especially Evan Frankfort at Would Works Ent. in California. Best wishes and good luck to You, Lexia, Madison and Aja. Thanks again Don Scearce